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Cool to Connect

Cool To Connect: Kids

Cool To Connect: Kids

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Connection is for Kids, too!

This is an interactive and innovative set of 52 cards that will inspire your child through the art of connection and self-affirmation. With the combination of affirmation cards, connection prompts, and follow-up questions, these cards help guide the minds and hearts of your littles to dig a little deeper, speak freely, and feel empowered by themselves and their emotions.

All you need to do is pull a card and feel your connections unfold.

This deck was made specially in collaboration with Cecilia Kissel @ceciliakissel


• Stimulating reflection, conversation and thought-provoking insights for your littles

• Becoming stronger self-advocates

 • Colour sensory

• Learning to be good listeners

• Discovering more about your child, and their heart & mind

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