About Spruce Up Boutique

Hey Beautiful...

I'm Sandra, Owner of Spruce Up Boutique, formally known as J Leigh Boutique. I am so excited to be here and have the opportunity to interact with all of you. I don't know about you, but I love shopping and that is why I decided to come back to the clothing industry. It is my goal, to have you enjoy your shopping experience whether it be online tucked into the couch with a blanket (like me!) or in store for a "me" time re-fresh or a girls days out. 

If you'd like to come into our Warehouse check out our new store hours! In the Warehouse you can drop in and try on clothes, book a one on one session with me, or book a private Try On party with you a group of friends.

Please don't hesitate to reach out and contact me at anytime for any questions you may have. 

"I could always give up shopping, but I'm not a quitter!"






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Photography by Fearless Femme Photography

Fearless Femme Photography offers unique boudoir and lifestyle photo experiences! Our services are for everybody and we have a variety of package options that cater to any budget. I started Fearless Femme Photography because I wanted to offer the average, everyday individual an opportunity to feel confident in their bodies. Mainstream media for the longest time has showcased their ideal body, and that, unfortunately, leaves the majority out from being represented. As I grew up, I began to question why someone like myself couldn’t have the representation opportunities that others were given; Fearless Femme Photography formed from this question. I wanted to provide an experience that built confidence while showcasing your body from a positive perspective. Our bodies are immensely powerful, they carry us through life and we deserve to have moments that honour that. On top of the traditional photoshoot experiences, Fearless Femme Team and clients have been offered opportunities to be in a variety of experiences including fashion shows, magazine publications, local business collaborations, and more! The Fearless Femme team strives to provide an uplifting experience, opening the doors to a more confident you! 

The Fearless Femme Team is a unique opportunity that allows for constant collaboration with a diverse group of uplifting, every day individuals just like you! You get the opportunity to share your story and connect with the people in your day-to-day life. It fosters a healthy relationship not only with your own body but appreciating everyone for who they uniquely are. The team becomes your hype team whether you’re at a shoot or going through a big moment in life